Sega Screen Shot
The Sega Genesis Version
  • In-Game graphics; little smoother.
  • Parallax scrolling.
  • Anime Sequences; text, less animation, shorter.
  • Cart Music, not bad! :)
  • Less levels.
  • Faster Game play.
Turbo Screen Shot
The Turbo Grafix CD Version
  • In-Game graphics sharper.
  • Anime Sequences; CD soundtrack w/ voice acting. More Animation.
  • In-Game CD soundtrack. Kick ass. :)
  • More levels. More Anime Sequences.
  • Save option.

The Sega Genesis and the Turbo Grafix are two different systems. So you get... two versions. So whats the diff? After staring at the screen for hours on end and passing out, I noticed something (besides the bump on my head from hitting it on the monitor) The graphics during game play are not the same. Initially the Sega version appeared to have more color(s). After a closer look it didn't seem this way. Oddly enough, the graphics are quite a bit different in each version, especially on the first level. It's almost as if the graphics were created separately for each version of the game rather creating one set of graphics and porting them to each system. A good example is on the first level, the buildings in the Turbo version have a nifty red lightning effect, and the Sega version has nice blue clouds. Which is better? I guess it's your personal preference. I like the Turbo Style graphics better for the most part, because I am a Turbo fan. I like the Sharpness of the graphics the Turbo has. On the other hand, everything Parallaxes in the Sega version which really adds to depth, but the colors seem to bleed together.

The Anime Sequences are a whole different story, there is NO QUESTION what is better. The Sega version ones are short, lack animation, lame text, and sound. (still pretty good for a cart) The Turbo version has great lengthy Sequences with great animation, cool sound, and voice acting.

» Overall I think the Turbo version is better; it's a longer game... and it has more to offer. «

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