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Here is a complete list of every domestic Turbo Grafx 16 / Turbo Duo game with mini review. Many I have played, some I haven't. Screen shots for each game will be added as time permits. (the game titles link to screen shots)
Scoring: 1 - 10   ( 1 = crap, 10 = outstanding )
as of 06.01.08, I have decided that the reviews are out of date.
Soon to be updated by turbofans that have throughly antalized each game for more acurate reviews!

Game Title adol


          Mini Review          

Addam's Family CD   A crappy platform game. Played it once. 3
Aero Blasters HuCard   A great 2 player shooter. Hours of fun! 8
Air Zonk HuCard   Different Shooter. For some reason does not interest me. 6
Alien Crush HuCard   The first REAL pinball sim game. Great fun! 8
Andre Panza Kick Boxing HuCard   controls could use some improvement 6
Ballistix HuCard   A classic Amiga game. Decent conversion. 7
Battle Royal HuCard   5 player beet em up! Sucks if you don't have friends. 6
Beyond Shadowgate SCD   Nice graphics, adventure, kinda twisted. damn hard. 7
Blazing Lazers HuCard   A classic shooter. Still one of the best shooters on the TG16. 9
Bloody Wolf HuCard   Commando, but much better. I like this game. 8
Bomberman HuCard   Fun multiplayer strategy game. Fun! 8
Bomberman '93 HuCard   FUN! More multi-people levels than the first one. The BEST! 10
Bonk's Adventure Hu/SCD   TG 16's Platformer. I loved this game. 8
Bonk's Revenge Hu/SCD   More fun, more to do than the first! 9
Bonk 3: Bonk's Big Adventure HuCard   Even more new stuff. still getting old. 7
Bonk 3 CD: Bonk's Big Adventure SCD   Same as the Hucard, but CD tunes. Nice :) 8
Boxyboy HuCard   Puzzle game. I used to nock it, but it's actually quite fun! 7
Bravoman HuCard   Silly platform, ok, not great. 6
Buster Brothers CD   Classic 2 player action/puzzle. I always loved this game. 9
Cadash HuCard   2 player Action RPG. Great conversion! Arcade classic! 9
Camp California SCD   Cartoon animals, 80's style, Beach boys music. nahh. 3
Champions Forever Boxing HuCard   Similar to Andre Panza Kick Boxing, maybe slightly better 6
Chase H.Q. HuCard   Drive around and run into cars. The Craziness! 5
Chew-Man-Fu HuCard   Wonderful 1 or 2 player puzzle game with a little action. 7
China Warrior HuCard   Walk, hit guys. Fun, but for a short time. 4
Cosmic Fantasy 2 CD   Anime True RPG. Great anime, music etc. fighting old at times. 8
Cotton SCD   A cute shooter. I like to look at the box. it's kind of hard. 8
Creator Maze HuCard   Addictive maze/trap game, but just far to easy. 6
Cyber-core HuCard   A overhead shooter. I just don't like this game. 3
Darkwing Duck HuCard   Crap platform. Could have been cool, but wasn't. 2
Davis Cup HuCard   This is a decent tennis game 7
Dead Moon HuCard   Side scroll shooter. Good, but no Areo Blasters. 6
Deep Blue HuCard   Underwater shooter. all washed up, not was bad as people say. 4
Devils Crush HuCard   Kick ass pinball sim. fun game. Even better than Alien Crush. 9
Double Dungeons HuCard   1st person 2 player maze. Was cool at the time. 6
Dragon Slayer: Legend of Heros SCD   Anime style TRUE RPG. This game rules in every way! 10
Dragon Spirt HuCard   great shooter, your a dragon! 8
Dragons Curse HuCard   Cute Adventure/Platformer. I have always loved this game! 9
Drop Off HuCard   Finally an updated breakout style game! 8
Dungeon Explorer HuCard   5 player action RPG! This game has it all! 10
Dungeon Explorer 2 SCD   The Sequel; more stuff! CD music! little late. Still cool. 9
Dungeon Master SCD   Eye of the Beholder type RPG, ok PC conversion. 5
Dynastic Hero SCD   Amazing platform game with fantastic music! 9
Exile CD   Anime Action RPG. Fun, story is sort of weird. A little sort. 7
Exile: Wicked Phenomenon SCD   Anime Action RPG. Better than the first. Too Hard. 8
Falcon HuCard   Not a very good flight sim, but I tend to be biased :-) 7
Fantasy Zone HuCard   Cute shooter loaded with pastel colors. Little easy though. 6
Fighting Street CD   Beet up eachother. the fighting games begain! Good for it's time. 7
Final Lap Twin HuCard   Racing + RPG mode. Fun little game. RPG adds some value. 7
Final Zone 2 CD   Anime Commando Action. Lacking, but still loads of fun. 9
Forgotten Worlds SCD   2player shooter. Nothing to get crazy about on the Duo. 5
Galaga `90 HuCard   Overhead shooter. Near Perfect Arcade conversion! Great fun! 10
Gate of Thunder SCD   Side shooter. Awesome. Also has bonk 1&2 + Bomberman! 10
Ghost Manor HuCard   Check out some old smelly house. *hack, Cough* 2
Godzilla SCD   Fighting. Neat sounds. Great Graphics. Just a little slow. 8
Gunboat HuCard   Played it once, and wonder why I bothered. 2
Hit the Ice HuCard   Sports game. It's ok, TV sports hocky is better I think. 6
Impossamole HuCard   This game will piss you off and drive you mad. 1
It Came from the Desert CD   Advanced for it's time, funny store line. Interactive movie. 7
Jack Nicklaus Turbo Golf HuCard   Golf game. Many nock it, it it's ok. 7
Jack Nicklaus Turbo Golf CD   like hucard, also has naration & cd music 7
Jack Chan's Action Kung-Fu HuCard   Cute & fun platformer. Worth Buying. 8
J.B. Harold Murder Club CD   Who did it? If you stick with it, it will be fun. 8
JJ & Jeff HuCard   Goofy PLatform. It's fun, and will piss you off too. 6
John Madden Football SCD   Best sports game released in the U.S. 9
Keith Courage HuCard   Adventure (came with the TG). Still a good game. 8
King of Casino HuCard   Earn money and buy prizes. 7
Kalx HuCard   Perfect arcade conversion. 7
Last Alert CD   Lots of levels to fill a CD. Quite comical. Worth the ride 8
Legend of Hero Tonma HuCard   Cute platform game, almost true to the arcade. 8
Legendary Axe HuCard   Run Around and hack guys. One of the best TG games ever! 9
Legendary Axe II HuCard   Nothing like the first gm unfortunately, but a good game! 10
Loom SCD   Graphic Adventure. No Voices? Short but worth it. 8
Lords of the Rising Sun CD   Strategy. I expected more from this game. Still cool. 7
Lords of Thunder SCD   Side Scroll Shooter. I love to blow up stuff! Just too cool. 10
Magical Chase HuCard   Little side scrolling shooter with adorable little witch. 8
Magical Dinosaur Tour CD   Learn stuff. I thought this was cool to play around with. 10
Might and Magic 3 SCD   N/A -
Military Madness HuCard   Military Strategy. this game is just damn cool. 9
Monster Lair CD   Cute platfrom/shooter.Fun, really long,nice music,hard. 9
Moto Roader HuCard   5player racing action! It rules with a bunch of friends! 9
Neutopia HuCard   Action RPG. Great Zelda rip off. I always loved this game. 8
Neutopia II HuCard   Neutopia only MUCH better. 9
New Adventure Island HuCard   Cute platformer with good graphics, but it's just not very fun. 5
Night Creatures HuCard   interesting platform game 8
Ninja Spirit HuCard   Side scroll kill. Arcade Classic. Some hate it, some love it. 8
Order of the Griffon HuCard   One of the few true rpgs you'll find & definitely best on Hu 10
Ordyne HuCard   Cute 2 player side scroll shooter. I love this game. 10
Pac-Land HuCard   Platform. Just like the Arcade. Did you like the Arcade? 7
Parasol Stars HuCard   2 player Platform/Puzzle action. A great game. And a classic. 8
Power golf HuCard   Best golf game available for the US Turbo!! 10
Prince of Persia SCD   Adventure, it's neat, it's hard. It's just not a turbo game. 6
Psychosis HuCard   An OK shooter. nice coloring... 6
Raiden Trad HuCard   Overhead shooter. Much like the Arcade. First 6megabit HU. 8
Riot Zone SCD   Nice graphics. Double Dragon like game. too short and easy. 5
R-Type HuCard   Side scroll shooter. Near perfect Arcade conversion. A classic. 9
Samurai Ghost HuCard   Splaterhouse with a Samurai. Lame. 5
Shadow of the Beast SCD   Walk around and Hack guys/ damn cool. Too short. 7
Shape Shifter SCD   Adventure " ". Another neat one. Only the Patient make it threw. 7
Sherlock Holmes Vol.1 CD   FMV solve the case. or just watch the FMV. 6
Sherlock Holmes Vol.2 SCD   piratically the same as the first one with different crimes to solve. 6
Shockman HuCard   2player Platform action. nice game. Just kinda hard. 9
Sidearms HuCard   Multi Side scroll shooter. I played this one to death. 7
Silent Debuggers HuCard   Very hard, but amazing mix of various styles of games. 10
Sim Earth SCD   Sim game. Boring and monotonous. Mine had bugs. 4
Sinistron HuCard   Another side scroll shooter. Has some cool stuff. Yay. 6
Soldier Blade HuCard   By far the best domestic HuCard shooter. 10
Somer Assault HuCard   Puzzle. A truley different game. Some may like this one. 7
Sonic Spike HuCard   Cute anime graphics, not bad! 7
Space HArrier HuCard   3D shooter. Lots of fun, Good version. Always fun. 8
Splash Lake CD   2player puzzle action. Loads of fun. Want more levels! 9
Splatterhouse HuCard   hack em. Different, Gross, and pretty cool. the end sux. 7
Super Star Soldier HuCard   - -
Super Volleyball HuCard   play volleyball with a side view, makes it really difficult 5
Super Air Zonk SCD   - #
Syd Mead's Terraforming SCD   A better than average shooter, no lords, but cool. 7
Takin' it tot he hoop HuCard   Sports game. Was fun way back when. Kinda funny. 6
Tailspin HuCard   Another crappy platform. 4
Tiger Road HuCard   Cross Between Ninja Spirit & Impossamole. eew. 4
Timeball HuCard   Puzzle game iwht ok graphics, but too hard! 5
Time Cruse HuCard   Excellent Pinball game with a lot to do. 10
Tricky Kick HuCard   Puzzle. Very hard. Kinda boring. 5
Turrican HuCard   Great graphics, probably the hardest platformer on HU. 9
TV Sports Basketball HuCard   decent basketball game 7
TV Sports Football HuCard   Sports game. Pretty good for a football game. 8
TV Sports Hockey HuCard   Sports game. A decent game. 7
Valis 2 CD   Anime adventure/platform Hard but not impossible. 8
Valis 3 CD   Anime adventure/platform. So very hard. But way cool. 9
Vasteel CD   Military Strategy. Way cool. Military Madness still better? 8
Veigues Tactical Gladiator HuCard   Mecha Action. Great game, little difficult at the end. 9
Victory Run HuCard   1st person racer. Was great at the time. Never could beet it. 7
Vigilante HuCard   Walk around and beet up the bad guys. the American dream. 8
World Class Baseball HuCard   Sports game. The ball looks cool. 6
World Court Tennis HuCard   An OK Tennis game. Quest mode is fun. Silly. 6
World Sports Competition HuCard   N/A -
Yo'Bro HuCard   Skateboarding to the tunes of the Beach Boys. not great. 4
Y'S Book 1 & 2 CD   KICK ASS Action RPG. If you don't have it; you suck. 10
Y's 3 Wanderers from Y'S CD   Sideview Act/RPG. Jerky,Short. DAMN it! Still Ys though. 8
look up my legChun Li says: "street figher 2 should have been released on the turbo in the usa."