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  All about Ys Book I & II Special Edition...
Years ago, I thought it would be fun to change some of the music tracks in Ys. It was a timely process. First came the test; can you replace audio tracks in a Turbo CD Game and keep it playable? After playing around with CD Burning Soft on the Amiga 4000 back in 1998, this was learned to be possible. Next task was to catalog every red book audio track in Ys, then sort through other Ys tracks/remixes. Some difficult choices had to be made; what tracks can be replaced? What ones can not? What ones should I just leave alone? First of all, it was determined to simply leave the audio tracks played during the animated sequences alone. I really could not find suitable replacement tracks for them, and I concluded that if the replacement track was not the exact same playtime... something strange might happen. Second there were "turbochip tunes" or course I can't replace these, I am not a programmer! (sure would be cool if I could though, since I have replacement tunes for them). Third issue that came up was a judgement call. There just was not a good remix of the music from "Burnland" (for example). So I just left it alone. Where as some of the tracks simply did not have any remix track that I could find. So rather than putting a completely different song in it's place, I left it alone. After it's all said and done, I like the final result. I think the choices made are the best overall. I hope others enjoy it as well.

I have given a great deal of thought to possibly making Ys Book I & II Special Edition even better. Since the cd was created I have collected many more Ys tracks and remixes. Sorting through these songs, then editing them or creating new mixes myself I could surely replace all the red book audio tracks that were not replaced in the original release finished in 1998. However, I have a problem. I no longer have a Amiga Computer, and I am finding it impossible to dump all the tracks of a Turbo CD Game and rearrange/change them with any PC burning software I have tried. If you have any insight, be sure to let me know and I might consider revising Ys Special Edition.

  Package Design...


  What about the future of Ys Special Edition?
In 2016, I decided to revisit this project.
I clollected every and any Ys remix I could find. Each a lossless version from CD or a FLAC file archive. We are talking every relevant & released, and then some...... 

In 2021 I made a new Alpha test version, with many unique audio swaps to the game. But the audio content was too large to fit on the disc. 
I did an overburn and the game still worked, but I'm afraid it will there will be problems. I have plans to edit down all the music to fit on a disc, make more remixes, adjust and remaster tracks and more... The project has been on the back burner for a long time. I doubt it will ever get finished.