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Welcome to the Dark City Productions, Turbo Duo Pages!
The "Turbo Duo" also known as the Turbo Grafx 16 or PC Engine (Japan), is my favorite video game system of all time. I grew up with this system. When it's lifespan ended, that didn't stop me from playing my turbo. After a while, it became a full blow obsession. These pages are testament to that obsession.

We have been online for over 15 years ¬

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Oh, look it's old but it's new!.

Gate of Thunder - Remastered.
Remastared you say? What the hell could that mean? Why? Well, just hit the link to learn more.

As for the rest of the pages, they lay in a kind of limbo stuck inbetween 2001 and 2016. I want to fix them, but it's hard to be movated to do so when there are so many great up-to-date pce pages out there now. So, just enjoy new content as I add it. :)

Check back every now and then to see what pages are updated.

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Every time I update each area (regardless of how small the changes) I will lable it with a date to make note that a change was made. Just look below to see. One day the dated areas will get full updates.

~ Stay Tuned !

- ElectroHaze aka darkman

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Newbies Here   last update   02-05-16
Did you come here looking for answers? Are you interested in the Turbo Duo/Turbo Grafx/PC Engine but are confused by everything? Frequently Asked Questions are answered inside...

Game List   last update   02-24-02
Look at a list of every Turbo Duo game to come out in the US with a little review for each one! Now with growing library of screen shots!

Gate of Thunder - Remastered   NEW!   09-06-16
I decided to clean up the music from Gate of Thunder, using a wave editor, learn more here and downoad it and stuff.
Ys Book I & II Special Edition   last update   01-30-16
Think it would be fun to play Ys with different audio tracks? How about a nice new package design to make it feel like a new game? Well, check it out.
Un-official Valis homepage!   last update   01-23-16
Valis is a great Video Game series... Anime Girls that kick ass.. and mean-ass bad guys like "Megas" make it all worth while! More than just a "DUO" site...MSX/NES versions for download too!

Tenokoe Bank Card Story
Inside the Manual to the Tenokoe Bank card (a cool accessory for the PC Engine; lets you store saved games on it) there is a manga (like a comic book). I translated it, scanned it, then put english in! Enjoy, and please don't point out my spelling errors! I know they are there...

The Error Archive   last update   06-17-01
Ever tried to play a Super CD System≥ game with the older System≤ card? Many games include fun "Error Pictures" telling you to get a new card! This is a collection of pictures for you to enjoy.

Implode     09-28-02
The Turbo Duo/PC engine is a dead system is it? Well, how about a new game for it? That's right, it's out now. Visit this section to learn more.