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The story of the Valis series is rather confusing. Because of the shit manuals that come with Valis 2, and 3 for the Turbo Grafx Cd. Man are they crap. Anyway, with some translations of 1, and 4.. I have tried make more since of the madness.. Well, sort of.

YukoThe Story begins with Valis. Rogles of Vekanti has this plan to take control of the three different worlds; the Dream world of Vacanti (controled by Valis), the Spirit world, and Earth. Rogles sealed the "power of light" in this magic stone in order to cut off power from the Dream world. Valis started looking for a warrior to fight for and save the Dream world. Yuko Asao (picture on right) a typical high school student was chosen for the job. Realizing the bad shit that was going down in the Dream world she really had no choice, but to save the world from the twisted Rogles, and kick some evil-lord ass.

ReikoI bet if you have played Valis 2 on the TGCd you probably have always wondered (like I have) who "Reiko" was and why Yuko kills her in the first intermission. (picture to the left) You've also probably wondered why Yuko said "you were my first, and only, friend.." Well, Reiko was Yuko's friend from school, but Rogles brainwashed the poor girl and used her to try to kill Yuko. Yuko had no choice but to defend herself, thus killing Reiko.

MegusThe Story Continues in Valis II, and it gets harder to figure out. Rogles is dead and Vekanti has fallen into a state of war. Emperor Megas (picture on the right) has a Hatred for any follower of Rogles so he set off and killed all of them. Megas wanted to become the new king of Vekanti, but Yuko stood in his way with the legendary sword of Valis. Megas had much to fear of the sword, and Yuko; because he knew that she can destroy him. Yuko then defeated Megas and peace was restored to the land.

V3RamsesAfter a time of peace Yuko was awakened from sleep to go kick some more evil-lord ass! The 3rd of the series now begins!Ramses (the left), the evil lord of the Spirit world does not give a damn about the Vekanti, or Earth . So, he planed to exterminate both worlds and make them his own... Now who do you think will stop this rouge? Yuko! But, this time her friends helpChar her out! Valna, Yuko's twin and Princess of Vekanti, and Char/Cham. Char/Cham (lower left) fights to avenge the death of her father by the hand of Ramses/Glames! However, things were hard for our cool-ass chick warriors. For one thing Yuko had to travel to the ruler of Vecantti, Nizetti, so he could release the sword to full power just so she could ATTEMPT to try and destroy Ramses/Glames. The game is hard. (talking about Turbo Grafx ver. here) Anyway, Ramses/Glames makes things even more difficult by bringing back Rogles! In the end Yuko defeates Ramses/Glames but for some reason she gets pulled to heaven by some sort of magical beam. Ohh, and the Sword of Valis goes with her.

NOW Valis IV Long ago some king named Asfa gave his son; Garugia (on right), a ring. This ring gave anyone who wore it super powers, but (like this sort of thing never happens) He loses control of it's power, and becomes a mad man! This Immature Power Hungry Prince soon gets whats comming to him! The Gods decided to seal him and is followers in a big hunk of crystal (Like the beginning of Superman 2!), and place it on the bottom of the ocean!

Now about 15 years after Yuko defeated Ramses the crystal raises up from the ocean floor raises hell, and kidnaps Valna! Char/Cham leads a little group or warriors who escape from Garugias troops, they stop to rest. A member; Rena/Lena decides to go rescue Valna on her own. Char against the idea quickly shuts up when a spooky voice speaks the "voice of reason." Rena then takes off with her Twin sister Amu to kick some ass. Rana and Amu get their asses kicked by Garugia, but the escape by magical disappearance! They appear in some place where a guy who claims to be Asfal (remember the father of evil Garugia). He explains that only the Sword of Valis can destroy the bastard. So the three of them quest to heaven to obtain the Sword or Valis! I asume they defeat Garugia, but I am not certain as I have not finished the game! What happens to Yuko in conclusion is still a mystery to me.

..............I hope you enjoyed my version of story throughout the series...
.........................Game Summery by Tim Favro

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