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Juan Daniel has been a fan of the Valis games since 1991. Living in Brazil the Valis games were not easy to come by, but he found ways to play the games. Now a passion of Juan's is music, so naturally Valis music had to be made! Juan has put a great deal of effort into creating these great tunes, and made them available to be exclusive to the Dark City Productions Valis pages!

valis 3 - sword evolution (visions of the future mix).mp3
Juan Daniel's "teaser." (he emailed this to me out of the blue)
It's a track from Valis 3. It is played when Yuko,Valna and Cham meet Nizetti.

valis 3 - stage 1.mp3  link broken
Juan's 2nd track, quite good!

Valis 2 - stage 1.mp3
He's done it again! I think this is the best Valis song from all of the games.

valis 3 stage 17.mp3 link broken
What can I say? Juan's efforts are too cool for words, here is anther gem.

valis 3 - ending.mp3 link broken
I made this remix..which is kind of a medley of the ending tune of Valis 3 and the initial tune of valis 1. I think they match....in some way! -Juan Daniel

Valis 2 (Dimensional Mix).mp3
Ok, now this is where it all changes. I suggested to Juan that he make another version of the Valis 2 stage 1 song, but "trance style." He sent me this, and I was quite surprised. DOWNLOAD THIS ONE!

Valis 1 (Senshi Mix).mp3 link broken
Trance style continues with this butt kicking track.

Valis 4 (Brande Mix).mp3 link broken
More of the good stuff. Trance action!

valis 2 (piano version).mp3 link broken
The 3rd version of Valis 2 level one, this time... sit back relax and enojy this nice piano piece!

  More goodies ¬ updated 01.22.2016.

      Now that I have actual space to store files enjoy...

Valis 4
All game data including ISO and music in .APE format.

Valis 3
All game data including ISO and music in .APE format.

Valis 2
All game data including ISO and music in .APE format.

This is music from Valis 2, forgot what level though...

Uhhh, not sure why I put this midi file up, near as I can tell it has nothing to do with Valis at all, but it resebles the name for some reason. I kind of like it!

Well, this is the best midi I found, it's also from Valis 2.

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